BrandArena: How Twitter helps foster Nigerian SME growth

Thursday 7 May 2015

How Twitter helps foster Nigerian SME growth

Since its creation nine years ago, Twitter has become one of the most important and relevant platforms in the world.  Millions of people have used Twitter to increase their popularity, spread awareness of their sales products, service or messaging, and to reach out to people all over the world.

Many small companies have also used Twitter to identify potential customers and revenue streams, as well as to grow the business’ relevance in the Nigerian economy.

Many years ago, @BellaNaija was a simple blog with a strong and loyal following, which posted entertaining news about the various happenings on the Nigerian scene.  Smart and fresh, the fashion and lifestyle and news blog appealed to both Nigerians living in Nigeria, as well as those in the diaspora.  Bella Naija was also able to understand the potential for Twitter as a tool to promote their business and increasing their following.  Through Twitter, Bella Naija also launched a range of interesting campaigns for different causes and activities to increase their awareness in Nigeria.  Some years later, Bella Naija’s Founder, @UchePedro, is a recognizable face amongst social media entrepreneurs.

Due to Bella Naija’s popularity on Twitter, Bella Naija eventually created a spinoff of its main Twitter handle, @BellaNaijaWeddings, which focuses on interesting happenings on the Nigerian wedding scene.  The flagship Twitter handle now has over 362,000 followers, whilst Bella Naija Weddings has over 16,000 followers.

Likewise, @IROKOtv, the online streaming channel for Nollywood films, has enjoyed additional popularity on Twitter.  His exciting product-offering, combined with Twitter’s ability to help people start a conversation around what matters to them the most, made it possible for him to grow his fan base.  What originally started as a small online channel showing select Nollywood films has burgeoned into a very successful business enterprise, garnering @JasonNjoku and his brand a significant Twitter following, with @IROKOtv, falling just shy of 30,000-strong following.

Popular finance guru Arese (@smartmoneyarese) is another example of somebody that has mastered the art of using Twitter to build her brand.  Through her Twitter handle, Arese reaches out to Africans that have a desire to take their financial welfare seriously.  As a woman talking about finance, she has managed to profile herself and help her become a thought leader in the financial investment world.

@SheLeadsAfrica, which was set up to help promote women and entrepreneurship in Nigeria, reaches out to Africans within the continent, as well as those in the diaspora.  The organization itself has received additional renown due to their Entrepreneur Showcase, which provides aspiring female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to bid for funding and get inspired by prominent females in a variety of business settings in Nigeria.

Twitter provides a range of resources to help its users achieve their goals.  For small businesses looking to grow, Twitter provides a Twitter Business portal that helps entrepreneurially-minded people get the most out of the social media platform.  It offers friendly and helpful advice that can help you make this happen.

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