BrandArena: Game of Throne: FIFA President Challengers Down to ONE!

Friday 22 May 2015

Game of Throne: FIFA President Challengers Down to ONE!

FIFA's incumbent president Sepp Blatter seems to be on another easy ride to be re-elected for a fifth term on May 29 after Luis Figo and Michael van Praag pulled out of the FIFA presidential election race on Thursday.

Despite several wave of scandals and controversy, Blatter, 79, is widely to expected retain the position.

The last man standing to challenge Blatter is Jordan's Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. A man has become a prominent figure within football in recent years. Prince Ali has served as president of the Jordan Football Association since 1999 and during this time he has also founded the West Asian Football Federation, containing 13 member nations. He has also been vice-president of FIFA since 2011.

Al Hussein was also one of the FIFA officials calling for the report into the corruption allegation, suggesting that Prince Ali is a clean candidate.

Former Portuguese international captain withdrew with a bitter broadside at the contentious election campaign. "I do not fear the ballot box, but I will not go along with, nor will I give my consent to, a process which will end on May 29 and from which soccer will not emerge the winner," Figo wrote on his Facebook page.

Dutch federation president van Praag also announced he was dropping his bid, saying he will back Prince Ali instead in the vote on May 29. His public relations team said in a statement: "After thorough deliberation and reflection with different involved parties and stakeholders, Michael van Praag decided to withdraw his candidacy to become the next FIFA president,".

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