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Wednesday 6 May 2015

BREAKING NEWS: CNN features Nigeria's ZURIEL ODUWOLE - African Voices

Until very recently, when the word Nigeria is mentioned in global and mainstream media, many a connotation flies through ones mind as images are also depicted on networks, most of them unflattering.

One young Nigerian, has however consistently made her mark, in redefining the Nigerian and perhaps African narrative. As the youngest commercial movie maker in the world today, Zuriel Oduwole is very comfortable in the 'space' of firsts, youngest, or pioneer. 
Zuriel Oduwole

Having become and still the youngest person in the world to be interviewed by Forbes Magazine (at age 10), she is still the youngest person on the record books, to have single handedly interviewed 14 Presidents & Prime Ministers by the age of 1. 

The youngest woman in the world to make ELLE Magazines "Global 33" list, she is making strides in her dual areas of advocating for Girls Education, and Changing Africa's Image, through documentary films. Her last film titled A Promising Africa has now showed in 5 countries - Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the UK and Japan.

In the last few weeks, she has been featured on Bloomberg TVCNBC, and earlier by BBC, all because of her incredible achievements, at such a young age. CNN has now added their global media brand name to those who have sought to talk to this high achieving American, African, and also Nigerian girl, and she has now been featured on their CNN African Voices program, to run through next week.

With all these positive accolades surrounding this young lady, the most rewarding to her, is still the one that simply says describes her as, "Nigerian Girl". It is where her roots are from, and a place she calls home away from home. It is a place where she enjoys her favorite food of Eba and Egunsi soup, a place where she says she first saw a live chicken, outside of KFC, a place where over 170 million call home, a place where perhaps one day, true world changing ideas, would spring from and be well documented - A Place Called Nigeria.

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