BrandArena: 4 Countries to host DEMO Africa Mini-event

Saturday 23 May 2015

4 Countries to host DEMO Africa Mini-event

In September this year, DEMO Africa will be hosted in four mini-events ahead of the main event. The events are intended to bring together regional technology eco-systems to learn and share from peers and industry players.

The events are also aimed at encouraging innovations in less favored categories where interventions are critically needed in various countries across Africa.

The DEMO Africa mini-events will be hosted in four cities across Africa. These include Nairobi, Accra, Harare and Cairo. The first of these mini events is scheduled for 3rd June in Nairobi where East Africa technology entrepreneurs will interact with key industry players and their more successful peers.

Commenting on this announcement, DEMO Africa’s executive producer Harry Hare called on the entrepreneurs to take advantage of the existing opportunities, at the same time exuding confidence in the standards of innovations on the DEMO Africa stage. “With each passing year we get to witness the amazing thoughts and hard work of young entrepreneurs, I am confident that on the DEMO Africa stage this year, investors will get to witness innovations that will convince them to channel more of their resources towards technology entrepreneurship.” He said.

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