BrandArena: SA Youth Marketing Expo 2015 To Hold 28th to 30th August

Thursday 16 April 2015

SA Youth Marketing Expo 2015 To Hold 28th to 30th August

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, will play host to the South Africa Youth Marketing Expo which will take place from 28 to 30 August 2015.

Designed as a platform for brands to engage and interact directly with the youth, this is set to be the most interactive expo for young people to be held in South Africa. More than just showcasing their products or services, exhibitors will create platforms whereby they will effectively bring their brands to life.

Beyond advertising on social media and traditional media platforms, this will be a three day event in which the youth will get close to the different brands that are continuously fighting for their attention and recognition, bringing the youth to the brands instead of brands trying to win the attention of the youth through all the clutter that exists.

Young people have the potential to make or destroy a brand or product, it becomes increasingly important that brand/product managers engage and interact with the young people in a bid to understand how they can remain relevant to this market. The SA Youth Marketing Expo will be an ideal platform for brands to achieve this.

Since we all know that young people listen more to their peers than any form of paid adverting, the idea therefore is to create experiences that enable them to market products/brands on behalf of the exhibitors.

The youth marketing expo is to take a shift away from the traditional custom stands where brands just showcase themselves and provide information, to a move that is more interactive, creative and entertaining.

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