BrandArena: Microsoft Reveals New Approach To Woo Consumers In Mobile Market

Thursday 30 April 2015

Microsoft Reveals New Approach To Woo Consumers In Mobile Market

No doubt, Microsoft  has been a dominant players in the PC with Windows but yet it's still far away from combating Google, Samsung and Apple on their Android and iOS in the mobile arena. Currently, the company is focusing on growing markets like mobile and the cloud, and is being more open-minded about competing platforms.

At Microsoft’s developer conference yesterday in San Francisco, the company announced new features in Windows 10 and unveiled a set of software development kits (SDKs) to help developers bring their code for the Web, .NET, Win32, Android and iOS to Windows 10.

To tap into an opportunity to reach a Windows audience that Microsoft hopes will extend to 1 billion devices in the next two to three years, the company made a proposition that mobile app makers might find hard to refuse: Reuse your existing code written for other platforms—Android, iOS, and the web—to create Windows apps. (With some modifications, these can run on Windows phones, tablets, and PCs, as well as the Xbox One and HoloLens goggles.)

Microsoft showcased several new features in Windows 10, from new capabilities to scale applications across devices to new ways for developers to build code for Windows 10.

New features for Microsoft Edge, the new browser for Windows 10, were also unveiled, offering developers better discoverability of their apps and future extensibility with JavaScript and HTML.

Highlighting the opportunity with Windows 10, Microsoft shared the progress it has made in fewer than 100 days since unveiling Microsoft HoloLens — the world's first untethered holographic computer powered by Windows 10 — and showcased how customers like Trimble, Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic are using this innovative new technology.

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