BrandArena: Entry for 2015 African Bloggers Awards Extended

Thursday 9 April 2015

Entry for 2015 African Bloggers Awards Extended

Bloggers in Africa who were not able to enter for the 2015 Bloggers award earlier, now have the opportunity to do so, with the extension of the entry date to April 16th, giving all social influencers one extra week to enter the competition.

There are five overall awards for Africa's Top Instagrammer, Top Twitter Profile, Top YouTuber, Top Blogger and Best Facebook Page to be announced on 5 May 2015.

An additional 36 sub-categories, each with their own award, including Lifestyle, Travel, Finance, Entertainment, and Technology and Gadgets among many others are also available for a diverse range of influencers to enter.

There is no cost to enter, but entrants, if they haven't already, are required to register their blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page or YouTube profile (or a combination of these properties) on Webfluential. This platform scientifically measures the reach, resonance and relevance of social influencers on these platforms.

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