BrandArena: BlackBerry Passport Wins Red Dot Award For Design

Tuesday 14 April 2015

BlackBerry Passport Wins Red Dot Award For Design

The BlackBerry design team has just scored another win. This time around, it comes by way of the BlackBerry Passport which has earned the converted "Best of the Best" Red Dot Product Design 2015 award, which is the most valued competition for product design.

BlackBerry’s Passport won the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” for its innovative design. The coveted award is conferred only to those products that are far superior to the other existing products on all aspects. The award, which also is a seal of quality, is sought by many products, but only 81 products belonging to 31 different categories were able to get it this year.

BlackBerry’s Passport comes with outstanding features and runs on BlackBerry 10.3 OS. After the Red Dot Gala in Essen, Germany on June 29, the device and the operating system can be experienced by visitors to “Design on Stage,” a four-week special exhibition. After the exhibition, the device will become a part of the Museum of Red Dot Design.

Alison Philips, managing director and head of industrial design at BlackBerry, expressed his delight at the company’s achievement by saying, “The BlackBerry Design Team is honored to accept the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best Product Design Award for the BlackBerry Passport.” Philips further said that it is very important that users can establish a connection with the products offered by the company. Hence, the company should focus on making meaningful products, and this requires the optimum use of the technology available and combining it with innovative ideas to deliver great products.

Apart from the Passport, the BlackBerry Z10 won a Red Dot award in 2013. Also the BlackBerry Q10, Z30, and Q5 received Red Dot awards in 2014. Winning the most prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design category is more than sufficient to conclude that the unique shape of the device has won it several laurels. And this will also encourage more designers to come up with uniquely shaped gadgets.


  1. Bought used Passport in Nigeria ( Really bad experience. I spend not much money, but impression of using BlackBerry... Good Old days, when BlackBerry was great phone are gone.

  2. The BlackBerry Passport demonstrated its design superiority in the most prominent product design competition, Red Dot Product Design, late last month.
    I am an expert in the field of website design services. The Best of the Best is the highest individual honour in the Product Design category, given for innovative design.