BrandArena: Natures Gentle Touch encourages Women to Care for their natural hair

Monday 16 March 2015

Natures Gentle Touch encourages Women to Care for their natural hair

Organizers of NITC 10 and Natures gentle Touch PR Manager
Personal style brand, Natures Gentle Touch has urged Nigerian women to care for their natural hair at the recently held Naturals in the City, 10, a meet-up of ‘’naturalistas’’ in Lagos.

At the event, Mr. Daniel Komlan, Field Education Manager, Recare Limited, manufacturers of Natures Gentle Touch range of hair care products said that the number one hair problem faced by Nigerian women is hair breakage. He stated that in a research conducted by the brand at its hair institute, it was discovered that most Nigerian women don’t care for their natural hair, which causes different hair problems.  Some of the problems highlighted were hair breakage, itchy and flaky scalp, dry hair, dandruff, and receding hairline.

Speaking on how to care for natural hair, Komlan said, ‘’The Nigerian woman’s hair, virgin or relaxed has the natural tendency for dryness due to the Nigerian weather. As a result, the hair needs daily moisture to keep it healthy. Also, the regular wearing of hair extensions weakens the hair and makes it vulnerable to breakage.’’ He noted that the danger of doing real harm to the hair becomes greater the longer the hair extension is worn.

Natures Gentle Touch Trichologist having a chat with  a guest
Women are encouraged to treat their natural hair frequently to strengthen it with proteins, re-hydrate with moisture, and seal the hair against moisture loss. They are also advised to use products that reflect these needs. Gentle shampoo and conditioner containing moisture-rich ingredients are recommended in conditioning the hair once every week, with or without shampooing.

For excessive dry hair a monthly treatment to lock-in moisture is advised while a weak and damaged hair should be given protein treatment to restore health to the hair.

Our Trichologist conduting hair analysis on another guest at the event

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