BrandArena: Microsoft to launch Windows 10 in 190 countries this summer

Thursday 19 March 2015

Microsoft to launch Windows 10 in 190 countries this summer

Windows 10 will launch this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages around the world, Terry Myerson, Microsoft executive vice president of the Operating Systems group, announced Wednesday at the Windows Hardware Ecosystem Community (WinHEC) summit in China.

Myerson also announced a diverse collection of strategic partnerships and initiatives with leading global companies across the greater China region, including Lenovo, Tencent, Qihu 360, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Intel, Qualcomm, Xiaomi and others.

The partnerships will help Windows 10 usher in a new era of more personal computing across a wide range of devices globally, and enable millions of people in China to easily upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft is yet to reveal specific date for the release.
Myerson also said that a version of Windows 10 geared toward small-footprint Internet of Things devices -- on the home front, think refrigerators and thermostats that communicate with you, and with each other, over the Internet -- will be available at the time of general release for free.

"Windows 10 will offer versions of Windows for a diverse set of IoT devices, ranging from powerful devices like ATMs and ultrasound machines, to resource constrained devices like gateways," Myerson said.

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