BrandArena: Meet The Worlds Most Powerful Girl - Zuriel Oduwole

Monday 30 March 2015

Meet The Worlds Most Powerful Girl - Zuriel Oduwole

Its Official !! Earlier this month, ELLE Magazine Canada released its annual list it tags "33 Women Who Affected The World" in 2014 in its current March 2015 edition, now on shelves. There are more than 2 and half Billion women in the world. Some on the critically impressive list include the Federal Reserve Chairperson - Janet Yellen, The President of General Motors Worldwide - Mary Ibarra, ABC Producer Shonda Rhimes [all accomplished women], and then in number 21 is 12 year old Zuriel Oduwole.

She was listed because of her many programs last year between the ages of 11 and 12; speaking with hundreds of children in Ethiopia and the UK about Education, inviting First Ladies from across Africa to talk Girls Education, taking 2 Footballs across 6 countries on 3 continents during the FIFA world cup to make the education topic exciting, launching a hand hygiene campaign for children during the Ebola crisis, and then premiering her first movie for the big screen, making her the youngest film maker in the world today.

All that between school work, playing, doing chores, doing science projects, sleeping, eating, and just being a regular 12 year old - Right?

In class at Ashesi University
In the last 2 weeks alone, she has premiered her documentary in 2 more countries [South Africa and Ghana], been welcomed to SA by the countries Deputy Tourism Minister [Xosa], spoken to hundreds of children in Soweto, appeared on CNBC & 8 other TV and radio platforms, addressed students at the University of Pretoria, presented her annual Gender Minister award to Ghana's Hon Nana Oye Lithur, presented awards at the annual South Africa Film & TV Awards event, spoken to hundreds of children in Accra about education, attended a class at Ashesi University, and held a private meeting with President Jerry Rawlings in Accra.

Some crave power to be influential, but this 12 year old by her simple activities, has become very influential globally, and thus - powerful as a result of her influence. If African children ever needed a role model, here is just ONE.

On The Red Carpet in South Africa
With President Rawlings
With President Rawlings
With Tourism Minister
Zuriel Presents Award Formal Release Image

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