BrandArena: iHub, Goethe Institute To Fund Digital Art Project

Thursday 19 March 2015

iHub, Goethe Institute To Fund Digital Art Project

iHub and Goethe Institute seek to fund creatives who use technology in their works, be it in the conceptual/creative or presentation processes.

The programme will kick start in the coming months and funds will cover the productions that recipients are expected to create and exhibit in a given period. All works should fall under the category of digital art as defined by the organisers.

Those interested in taking part will be required to write a proposal of art works themed on the two aspects; technology and art . The proposal should be interesting and should deal with the topic "Kenya's "Future"" and can be in the following areas: Animation, Music Visualization, Net Poetry, Interactive Installations, Gaming, amongst others.

The proposal should describe and/or visually conceptualize (storyboards, diagrams or other visual modelling) your project idea as well as include what tools, materials, processes, display and budget costs might be involved. Funding shall be based on the strength of the proposal as well as the integrity of the budget.
Successful applicants will be funded to produce their works, which will go on exhibition at the end of a given period.

If you are interested in taking part in this project, or learning more about it, it is highly advisable that you attend a gathering we are organizing on the 21st of March from 1.00 -4.00 P.M at the iHub. It will be an occasion for engineers, artists and techies to meet and share ideas. It will also be the official launch for the call of applications.

The event will mark the official launch for the call of applications.

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