BrandArena: FBN Capital Asset Management, LifeHouse Partner to Inspire with Woman Rising 2015

Tuesday 17 March 2015

FBN Capital Asset Management, LifeHouse Partner to Inspire with Woman Rising 2015

As part of the activities towards commemorating the International Women’s Day (IWD), FBN Capital Asset Management is partnering with The Life House for the event tagged, “Woman Rising 2015”. The two-day event will take place from the 21st to the 22nd of March 2015 in Lagos and is set to be a celebration of Nigerian creativity.

Woman Rising 2015 is the fifth in the IWD series which began in 2011 with the purpose of celebrating women and men at the forefront of the arts in Nigeria. This year’s edition will bring together talented female professionals from various artistic backgrounds including literature, visual arts, poetry, dance, film, and music.

Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, FBN Capital Asset Management, Michael Oyebola while describing the role that the company is playing in this year’s edition of the programme said, “Women are the pillar of our society and as such, we at FBN Capital Asset Management see this as not only as an opportunity to support a cause that promotes and encourages the artistic talents of women, but as a chance to also inspire them”.

Also speaking on the event, the Head of the Sales team at FBN Capital, Mrs. Anne Oragwu, expressed her pleasure with the partnership, saying “This programme gives us the opportunity to celebrate the achievement of women in the arts as we mark International Women’s Day this month”.  Furthermore, she said that beyond celebrating women, IWD is also about supporting the empowerment of women to enable them to grow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Speaking on the event, Woman Rising Producer and Co-Founder of The Life House Ugoma Adegoke said, “This year's music and arts weekender is especially important as it marks our 5th anniversary but also a pivotal time in our nation's cultural, social and political development. It is our very intention that WOMAN RISING 2015 will uplift, inspire, entertain, educate and energize all who attend and leave them in much better stead than before this multi-faceted cultural weekend experience”.  On the rationale for the event,  she went on to explain that the arts tell a story; projects our culture and who we are to the world, providing the much needed counter-narrative to stories told by external observers.

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