BrandArena: Explore The Treasures of Nigeria’s Northern Pearl

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Explore The Treasures of Nigeria’s Northern Pearl

Packed with the history of Nigeria’s forefathers, Kano is an embodiment of ancient civilization that has thrived through the centuries with an unchanged charm that resonates through its walls.

The echoes of more than a thousand years of commercial activity have built the city up from a hunter-gatherer community to one of the largest hubs in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kano gained recognition as the most southern point of the trans-Saharan trade routes and was a major exporter of cotton, peanuts and leather. This unrelenting city is Nigeria’s second largest, boasting of several years of industrial and economic development. Africa’s No. 1 Hotel Booking website takes you on an exploratory journey through the Hausa traditions handed down from the Middle East and North Africa in the beautiful city of Kano.

Top 3 Hot Spots

Kano City Walls

Much like the Great Walls of China, the Old City Walls of Kano were built to serve as a form of defense for the people of Kano. They stood as high as 18 metres and covered a radius of 14 kilometres. After seven centuries, what’s left of the walls tells the tale of a city that has won and lost many battles and still stands as West Africa’s oldest city.

Gidan Makama Museum

What was formerly the Emir’s Palace, has been converted to a museum that showcases the history of Kano from pre-colonial times to more recent years. The museum is divided into sections with various arts and crafts that describe the economy, music and events of ancient Kano. The building itself was constructed in the 15th century and is now recognized as a National Monument.

Emir's Palace

It is also known as the Gidan Rumfa and is the home of the present Emir of Kano. It was built in the 13th century by Emir Muhammed Rumfa and later underwent a major expansion. This 33 acres of land is situated in the central part of the city of Kano and is a great site to behold both within the walls and from a distance.



Following Sharia Law which was enacted in 2001, alcohol sale and consumption is banned in the city but you can get drinks at clubs and restaurants, and maybe even find alcohol sold in the classier hotels in the city. Several restaurants cater to foreigners and serve intercontinental dishes such as Asian cuisine and Lebanese snacks. For a local treat, try the famous suya sold at road side kiosks.

Kurmi Market is the smart tourist’s first stop. It is located in the city centre and attracts passersby with its colourful array of jewelry, food items, pottery and leather goods. It has been called Africa’s oldest market and is a favourite among the people of Kano.

From low to high budget, Kano has got something for everyone. Many of the popular hotels are in the Nasarawa area of Kano but for those venturing into other parts of the city, you can find the best hotels in Kano on

Getting Around
Finding your way around the city of Kano is easy via taxi or commercial motorcycle. For long distances, consider taking one of the mini-buses gathered at the major motorparks like Kaku or Naiwaba, or simply find a tour guide to take you around.

Kano is considerably safe but it is best to maintain a low profile and dress modestly. Cover your shoulders and knees, and avoid public displays of affection.

Money: Nigerian Naira.
Main Airport: Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport
Country Code: +234


Durbar Festival

The Durbar Festival is held every year to celebrate the two annual Muslim festivals – Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Regally dressed horse riders representing each village in Kano pass through the city to the Emir’s Palace. The colourful festival has its roots in the Durbar festival held centuries ago when horses were still being used for warfare.

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