BrandArena: Vals Day Facts: Why Women Would Break Up With Their Partners

Friday 13 February 2015

Vals Day Facts: Why Women Would Break Up With Their Partners

It’s that time of the year everyone is looking forward to. Little teddy bears smile out from shop windows, florists go on overdrive and women all over Nigeria are going on diets to prepare themselves for the onslaught of chocolates and other goodies that will come their way on February 14th. Valentine’s day is few hours from now and the retail world is gearing up for the extravaganza that is sure to ensue.

Apart from the fact that Valentine’s Day is like Christmas in Lagos, here are some fun facts about it, as per a survey from Kaymu, Africa’s #1 online shopping community, conducted across 500 participants from its consumer base.

·  40% of women would break up with their boyfriend if they didn’t get them a present on Valentine’s Day. 40% also stated that they would buy presents for their friends as well as their Valentine.

·  70% of the participants would spend $50 or lower on their Valentine’s Day present and date, 20% would spend between $50 and $100 and 10% would spend over $100.

·  Interestingly enough, 50% of those surveyed were open to shopping for their Valentine’s Day present online and 50% were not.

·  Contrary to popular belief, 90% of those surveyed wanted to stay in on Valentine’s Day as opposed to going out. 90% of the participants also declared that they would not wear red on the occasion.

·  70% of those surveyed said they would buy themselves a present on Valentine’s Day and 80% were comfortable with being single on Valentine’s Day.

·  60% were open to proposing to their significant others on Valentine’s Day while the same percentage of people believed that Valentine’s Day is overrated.

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is definitely here to stay, so buy some cupcakes and brace yourself for this Saturday!

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