BrandArena: Be My Val: 5 Craziest Valentine Gift Ideas To Wow Your Sweetheart

Friday 13 February 2015

Be My Val: 5 Craziest Valentine Gift Ideas To Wow Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year giving couples the chance to jet off to a romantic destination close by like Calabar, Nigeria or Labadi Beach, Ghana for a quick weekend exploring nature or sunbathing at the beach. Much more than just a day, Valentine gives friends and lovers the chance to go the distance for those they care about. 
If you’re still wondering what to do or where to go this Valentine season,, Africa’s No.1 booking portal has put together a list of gifts and treats for the fun and crazy guy or girl who deserves a rockin’ Valentine’s Day

  1. FOOD
For Him

Nigerians know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so take those stilettos off and get down to business. Cook him his favourite African delicacy, preferably one native to his tribe. 

Amala and Gbegiri is a favourite among Yorubas while Ibos can’t resist a good plate of Akpu and Vegetable Soup. If you haven’t the slightest clue how to cook, run to the nearest mama put and order two plates of food. Eat yours there to be sure of the quality then head on home to present the food that took you “hours” to make.
For Her

If your girl is a big-time foodie, all you have to do is go to your local market and buy ingredients for your favourite soup. Stock up on assorted meat, fish, ugwu, pepper, garri and package it in a hamper. If she loves you, she’ll appreciate the gesture and immediately know what to do.

For Him

For the man who thinks he’s the Don Corleone of his era, upgrade his swag by getting him a shiny new walking stick. Nobody walks around without a stick these days. They come in different shapes and sizes and are both practical and stylish. It is a gift he can use now and in his old age. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

For Her

The 60s are coming back and if I were you, I’d stay two steps ahead of the trend. Get your girl the latest in old fashion, and what better place to look than your mother’s wardrobe. Visit your mother this valentine and use the opportunity to “borrow” some of her old clothes. Those fancy aso-okes and georges aren’t good for anything just lying around so let your girl take them out for a spin. If she asks, tell her it’s vintage!
For Him: The Chill Pill

What do you want to say for Valentine’s Day? “I love you”, “You bore me”, “I think you’re cool”? Say it with one of these little Beat Pill Creatures. They come in blue, red, white, black and pink, each with its own unique expression. As a sharp Naija girl, you can skip the actual Beat Pill...let him buy it himself.
For Her: Double Trouble

One of the top mobile devices to date is the Apple iPhone 6. It has amazing features and impeccable design. It is a gift that shows how much you care with a fat price tag, but if you don’t want to spend too much, buy her the latest “iPhone” on the street. To make this gift more romantic, serve the “iPhone” in a dish of cereal best served hot. She’ll find her new phone as she takes a big scoop.

For Him

Nigerian men are one of the biggest show-offs you’ll ever meet. When two black men walk into a room, you can spot the Nigerian almost immediately by the way he carries himself, showing off his new watch, shoes or gadget. To make this man fall in love with you this valentine, get him one of his most treasured fashion items- a timepiece, the bigger the better. Buy him a medium sized clock and attach a rope to both sides. He can hang it on his neck or his waist for the ultimate swagger pose. 
For Her: Ileke Idi

Your friends may be planning on getting diamond earrings or gold necklaces, but you know what your girl truly desires. Get her assorted waist beads of different shapes and colours called Ileke Idi. She wants to feel like an attractive African woman and even if she doesn’t say it, you know she wants it. Your local mallam should have some for sale at an affordable price
For Him

Your man will appreciate some time in the great outdoors. Some of Nigeria’s top outdoorsy locations are the Obudu Hills in Calabar and Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi all within 2 hours from the big cities by flight but you need not travel too far from home.
Strip down to your khakis and run into the bush to catch bush meat together. Ebola is gone and you can now eat whatever you like. Go ahead and make a feast of whatever animals you find, you both deserve it.
For Her

You may want to visit exotic places in Africa like Diani Beach, Kenya or Cape Town, South Africa but if you really want to show her the time of her life, find a guava tree close by and lay a red cloth underneath it. You can pluck guava fruits and eat, laugh, play and as you enjoy Valentine’s Day.

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