BrandArena: Twitter Partners Bing On Tweet Translation

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Twitter Partners Bing On Tweet Translation

 Twitter is set to partner with Bing Translator to provide machine translations of Tweets between more than 40 language pairs. This partnership is to ensure the introduction of Tweet translation package so that users won’t miss any of the actions on Twitter.

With this translation, users can choose when they want to see a translation for a Tweet, and they can also adjust their settings so the option to view Tweet translations is disabled.

Although Bing Translator relies on advanced translation software to provide Tweet translations, the results still vary and often fall below the accuracy and fluency of translations provided by a professional translator. For this reason, the original text is always displayed above its translation. For more information on translation quality, see this Bing Translator FAQ.

To adjust the Tweet Translation, all a user needs to do is to Log in to his/her account on a desktop or laptop computer, go to his or her Account settings and locate the Tweet translation section, then change his or her Tweet translation setting by checking the box next to Show Tweet translations.

In the same vein, to view a Tweet translation, the user needs to look for a globe icon located in the Tweet if he/she sees a Tweet in a different language, click or tap the Tweet to expand it, then a translation of the text in the Tweet will appear below the original Tweet.

Tweet translation is available on, Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android, and TweetDeck.

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