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Thursday 15 January 2015

Have Fun Finding Classic Cars And Win!

This beauty of a car belongs to a well-known clothier, Clement Enajemo also known as MUDI. It’s a 1957 old school vintage Mercedes Ben. First spotted at the Encomium Black and White party in Lekki, it made a splash at the part proving once again that vintage cars are beginning to be perceived as a luxury good in Nigeria. Meanwhile, popularity for these vintage cars are on the rise.

While there is a predominant group of Nigerians that are still excited at the thought of owning the latest car models, there is a growing number of consumers who actually look to own a classic or vintage model. So, if you are already a classic or vintage car lover, and  wish to own one yourself, this article is  for you.

Carmudi Nigeria has put together useful guidelines about how you can both restore and convert your old school car into a vintage car. It also provides information about how to sell your vintage car for the best price. The most common old models which were popular at one time in Nigeria include the Mercedes Benz, The VW Beetle, The Peugeot 405 series and some other car models over 25 years old.

The Beetle can still be seen on many stretches of Nigerian roads. It’s well known for its distinct rear-located boxer engine, and its two-door monococuque. It features a flat front windscreen, and is capable of accommodating five passengers. Most driving schools still make use of these cars and there have been several versions of this car to date. Moreover, it remains as a beloved car in the vintage community.
VW Beetle
First you have to ensure that your car is over 25 years old and that its engine is still in working order. You may have to do some repairs on the engine.

Next, is to ensure the interior is restored. Depending on your funds, you may want to restore the original interior or upholstering the entire seats with Leather. Once that is done, dash board, steering wheel, and other parts of the interior should be cleaned, polished or sprayed to give it that shiny look.

Now it’s time to take care of the exterior. This is where the bulk of the work should be done. You may need to wash, repaint, re-spray, polish and change the tires. Also, pay attention to any other parts that may be damaged or rusted. After all, you will want your vintage car to look its best whether you are taking it for a drive, or if you decide to sell it.
Random cars
Now the fun part. Visit, and win fuel vouchers worth over 50,000 naira. All you have to do is search for the oldest model available on our website, and post the link with your preferred means of contact (email or phone number). The 59th, 111st and 200th person to comment will win. Vouchers can be redeemed at all designated fuel stations. This offer lasts till the end of January.

Here are some more pictures of vehicles that can be classed classic. We are sure you will recognize a few of them.

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