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Thursday 15 January 2015

Growing Business With Twitter

Over the years, the growth in business has increased arithmetically but since the inception of Twitter, growth in business has increased geometrically. Twitter gives you a good net worth in business with the right connection. This real time, conversational  and widely  distributed technology of 140 character messages called “TWEET” is a tool to take your business to dream land.

The goal of every businessman owner is to build and expand the chain of business. As you plan to increase growth in your business, key marketing activities must be put in place to achieve better results.

Twitter gives you leverage and merits over any other technology company in the media industry.  You get great insight when you ask questions, traffic on your Twitter handle and people on your network to help spread your thoughts in new places.

While setting up your business, you need to consider some important tips that will make your business grow. As an entrepreneur, rather than worry only about whom to hire and how to increase your productivity for business, also lookout for improving your online presence as a business.

These tips will set you on the right track to creating meaningful presence on the chain of network.

In building an intimate personality in a cyber far community than it’s really is, you need setup up a good profile for your self. While doing these, leave no bio blank, no picture unloaded, no Twitter stream empty, reason being that the new professionals you are engaging will know exactly who you are - Which is a foundation for engaging with you.

Twitter is more than keeping up with family and friends. You can also use it in spreading your business tentacles; expand your chain, link up with professionals and authority in your area of interest. There is no better way to quickly learn “Twitter etiquette” than by following the right people. Find new and important friends by searching for keywords related to your areas of interest and business space. But before you hit that follow button, check their Twitter activity. See if they are actually Tweeting content that’s relevant to you and your business because the growth in your business needs good message and content.

As a business person, first thing you should consider is relationship building because without it nothing ever gets sold. Also, as a Twitter user, be encouraged to favorite, retweet, and reply to post in which you have something you can contribute. A silent Twitter account is not an effective one, so be brave and start talking to other users. Note that you may not have a huge following in the beginning but with constant and relevant tweets, you will be noticed. You need to think and contribute immensely to someone’s experience. This will enable you build for yourself a better community around your business in the Twitterverse.

On expanding your business, Twitter will help you populate your brand with one post to thousands of people and in turn get handsome amount of traffic to your business with great connection and great increase in sales and profit.

Twitter gives you room to interact with great people from all over the world and engage in high level conversations you wouldn’t get to have otherwise.

When you tweet regularly, it also helps you connect with high profile individuals who are doing well in business. Learn to post your own original and relevant content in your blog, you can tweet interesting and marketable articles that are relevant to your target audience, cool pictures of your products and highlights from your events. Apply discretion when posting tweets because  you are building your brand image. Nevertheless, as you build your business, feel free to engage with other Twitter users who are funny, smart and resourceful. Doing these will increase traffic in your business exponentially.

Continue to tweet meaningfully about your product because It will promote your blog, website, mail addresses that you may have and these also inform your audience about the kind of services you render. Try to be a bit creative  for you get attention of your followers and audience. Engage your existing client base in order for your Twitter stream for some fun by hosting contests and prizes, tweet chats and other events on your Twitter handle.

Twitter has a wide range range of support applications you can employ in growing your business.

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