BrandArena: Google Kenya Honours World’s Oldest First Grader With Doodle

Thursday 15 January 2015

Google Kenya Honours World’s Oldest First Grader With Doodle

Google Kenya honoured Kimani Maruge, a man who enrolled into primary school 11 years ago in Kenya at the age of 84. The doodle showed a white haired man in a school uniform doing a writing exercise with children grinning in the background.

According to The Guiness Book of Records at 84 years of age, Kimani Maruge became the oldest person to have enrolled in primary school.
Kimani Maruge
Kimani Maruge was a former freedom fighter who had earlier attended school for three to four years before being displaced from his village. It was only in 2004 that he decided to return to primary school following the implementation of a free primary education policy.

According to NPR, Marugee couldn't afford to go to school before that because the government charged fees. He was part of the Kenyan fight for independence, fighting against British colonial rule. He assumed he would be able to go to school once Kenya got independence [in 1963]. But the government continued to charge fees until 2003. Then they abolished the fees. So the very next year, he went to school for the first time.

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