BrandArena: Twitter Facilitates Shopping For Christmas Sales

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Twitter Facilitates Shopping For Christmas Sales

Twitter facilitates shopping in general for Christmas sales by giving retailers a platform to tweet on their timelines in order to state and showcase the availability and reach of their products .

Christmas, is no doubt a time for celebration and fun-seeking. Giving that Christmas involves the sharing of gifts among loved ones, people wish to know more about where they can make purchases for the period.  In order to capitalize on festive season interactions, Twitter levels the playing field among businesses of all sizes, including online shops, by helping them cut through the noise to make sure they are noticed.

According to the research conducted by Twitter and Milliward Brown, a research firm, Twitter drives sales. The research stated thus: ‘Twitter is critical for one reason above all others: it drives sales’.

 It’s been also  observed that more than half of Twitter users have made a purchase as a result of something they’ve seen on Twitter platform, since, Twitter users not only discover new information about topics that matter to them, including holiday shopping, but also act on it.

Recently, Nigeria’s two largest online retailers (Konga and Jumia) offered great deals from Black Friday(November 29th) through Cyber Monday(December 1st) in which they sold deals on electronics, mobile phones, gaming consoles, fashion and more, plus free shipping to most parts of Nigeria. Before the offer came forth, it was tweeted in order to notify the public about it, however, active Twitter users having gotten the information, benefitted from the offer and also shared the information to followers, thus increasing the amount of sales made during the given period. They seized this opportunity to do their Christmas shopping as it is practiced in Europe and America. Hiked prices were reduced in order to encourage consumers.

With this, more Nigerian whole sale and retail stores such as SLOT, PEP, Shoprite, and the likes are expected to drive sales through Twitter by posting information of availability of products, where they can be gotten, at what discounted prices, and all possible information that could interest consumers.

As a result of this, Twitter advises business owners to take the bull by the horn this Christmas period, by predicting moments that can happen around this period, tweet something worth sharing either by way of statements, photos, vines or videos, to catch customers’ attention when they're scanning through their Twitter timeline, bearing in mind that, the more one tweets, the greater his/her chances of being retweeted by his/her followers into new networks. Through seeing a Tweet on their timelines that mentions a retailer or through conversations around exclusive seasonal sales, discoveries about Christmas shopping can be known.

Business owners are expected to reply when people tweet about them and thank those who support them by joining real-time conversations through hashtags that are relevant to their industry, to get their brands noticed. This platform also them an opportunity to communicate directly with their consumers.

They are also expected to consider offering special discounts for their followers, and address the reasons twitter users follow brands for exclusive content, by sharing insider info; witty observations; behind-the-scenes photos; and unique product previews.  Since Christmas shoppers are overwhelmed by choices, businesses offer great gift ideas, and whatever is most relevant to their customers and followers.

To this end, Twitter Promoted Products can help business owners grow followers and reach more customers, giving that Twitter suite of ad services helps business people reach more of the right people to build their community, share their voice, bring old customers back and new people in. 

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