BrandArena: Natures Gentle Touch launches Website

Monday 22 December 2014

Natures Gentle Touch launches Website

In a bid to enable women have easy access to hair care solutions, international hair care brand; Natures Gentle Touch, manufactured by Recare Limited has launched its official website. The website, will serve as a resource centre for hair care needs.

Speaking about the development, Chief Executive Officer, Recare Limited, Mr. Ramesh Hullur stated that the website reaffirms the brand’s commitment to solving hair and scalp problems. ‘’Our customers are in constant need of solutions to their hair and scalp problems and developing this website makes it easier for them to reach us from anywhere in the world. Customers living in Nigeria can also take advantage of our online store on the website. They can make retail purchase of our products from the website and have it delivered to them within three to seven days depending on their location, ’’said Hullur.

The website comes with a user friendly menu, which makes it easy for visitors to quickly find information that interests them. On signing in, visitors are prompted to a live chat, where they get to consult with a trichologist.

Marketing Manager, Recare Limited, Mr. Austen Umeania pointed that users are required to register their personal details on the website to take full advantage of its services. He said, ‘’Registered users on the website will receive notification e-mails on new posts and status of their transaction in the case of purchasing an item on the store.’’
With over one million fans on Facebook, Natures Gentle Touch is rated no 1 hair care brand on Facebook by international social media analytics and publishing company, Social Bakers. The brand has consecutively won Social Bakers’ ‘’The Most Socially Devoted Facebook page in Nigeria’’ award in the last three quarters.

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