BrandArena: Consumers Satisfaction: The Emirates Story

Thursday 11 December 2014

Consumers Satisfaction: The Emirates Story

The degree of satisfaction provided by the products or services of a company is measured by the number of repeat customers. Today, a company’s brand is driven by more than the combination of promises made and promises kept. What’s also critical is ensuring customers recognize the delivery of those promises, which requires proactively shaping communications and key messages that consistently highlight delivery as well as themes.

This has made competition in the global aviation sector an interesting one for Emirates.

Against a backdrop of regional unrest and volatile global economies, progress has been maintained at a rapid pace in every year of Emirates' and dnata's existence.

A combination of business acumen, ambition and savvy investment set in motion a series of events which have propelled Emirates and dnata to amongst the most respected and recognised brands in the world.

Formed on October 25 1985 when the Government of Dubai provided $10 Million in initial start up capital for the carrier via the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates remains Government owned and has been self- financing since the initial Emirates first route was from Dubai to Karachi, followed by Mumbai and Delhi and 260,000 passengers were carried in the first year. In 1986 further flights were added to Amman, Cairo, Colombo and Dhaka.

The airline’s first route to Europe commenced on 6 July 1987 when it commenced non stop flights to London Gatwick and a Dubai - Istanbul - Frankfurt operation. Male in the Maldives also joined the network in 1987. The airline began to push towards Asia in 1989 with services launched to Bangkok, Manila and Singapore.

Today, Emirates has become a global connector of people and their passions. From traveling and tours to sports, service delivery and many more.

On the secret of Emirates continuous growth, Mr. Manoj Nair, Emirates Regional Manager, West Africa while addressing the media today in Lagos, said the growth is as a result of the company's focus on customers satisfaction through their products and services offered.

"We often look into what we can do to give our customers the best", he succinctly responded.

When quizzed on competition in Nigeria and the world at large, Mr. Nair convincingly said: "We strive on competition. We don't focus on what they do but on what we do".

"In Nigeria, we started with Abuja, lot of people do no think it be a success. Today we operate in Lagos as well."

On global growth, he said the company has continued to improve not only in safety but all its products and services.

Mr. Nair also revealed that plans are in top gear by the company to increasing its flight from present 232 with the addition of 287 new flights next year.


  1. Emirates has always been a great experience. For me, its my best.

  2. Holiday trip to Dubai is my best from Emirates

  3. British Airways Vs Emirates: another scramble for Africa in the aviation sector I guess ;-)

  4. As for me, Emirates taking the lead lately