BrandArena: Carmudi Marks 1st Anniversary with Website Relaunch

Friday 12 December 2014

Carmudi Marks 1st Anniversary with Website Relaunch

As part of its celebration of a successful one year in business in Nigeria Carmudi, one of the fastest growing online car classified in the country, relaunched its website redesign with the new online user experience on multiple devices.

According to the company, the new design will make its car shopping online simplier and easier. The website added a new compare feature, likened to the “shopping basket” concept, which allows users to effectively view and compare two or more cars.

“As users click on the ‘park and compare’ option below your shortlisted car, your car is automatically saved in 'My Garage'. The new feature would show your findings with car specs such as make, model, transmission, engine type, fuel, etc. on a single page giving you a bird's eye view before you toss your choices,” Carmudi said.

Now shoppers can experience a highly personalized experience which allows car buyers to choose their wheels based on not just the conventional choices of price, mileage, color or brand type, but also lifestyle in just three easy steps.

“The idea is to make the users feel as if they were interacting with a salesman who shows them around as per their specific needs and desires.” Stefan Haubold, global managing director of Carmudi commented, “Save the fact that there is no constant pestering to make the purchase instantly. You can relax in your living room as you cruise through different car showrooms virtually on Carmudi.”

“The sharing option is also one of my favorite as it allows you share your searches and also allows your friends comment on your potential purchase.” Christian Keller, managing director at Carmudi Nigeria, who added, “We are dedicated to ensuring that users have a great Carmudi experience. With the new website, I can say we have been able to do that as users now enjoy an easier and faster experience.”


  1. Happy one year anniversary to Carmudi. E-commerce is the in-thing and we cannot but appreciate all this firms for their contribution of Nigeria's economy

  2. Great. Congrats - love the new look and flexibility