BrandArena: NerdBevy Limited Launches Online Platform for Gadget Repair Solutions in Nigeria

Wednesday 5 November 2014

NerdBevy Limited Launches Online Platform for Gadget Repair Solutions in Nigeria

Recently, NerdBevy announced that it launched its website, the, which is an online platform designed to benefit people by allowing them get the best and most effective gadget repair solutions rather than by tossing damaged electronic.

Throughout the years, the company has realized that the repair process for most gadgets used by most people today, such as tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones, game consoles and a lot more has become a big problem for most citizens of Nigeria, particularly when it comes to concerns of data confidentiality, trust, and the originality of the replacement parts used in fixing such items. NerdBevy will save them from these complex takes care of any gadgets with damages by taking 4 easy steps such as to order for a repair service, then the servicemen will pick up the damaged gadget, the repair process will start and the properly fixed gadget will be returned directly to customers.

NerdBevy makes use of the latest technology so as to perform repairs up to the standards and up to the expectations of our customers. Our attention and keenness to detail assures that we are providing our customers with the most satisfying repair services that cannot be matched and surpassed by other companies.

Ademola Odebode, Co-founder of NerdBevy Limited said, “We have created RepairAm to stimulate and revolutionise the technology market in Nigeria. We have well trained technicians to ensure that customers are provided with exceptional repair experience that will exceed their expectations.”
NerdBevy aims to deliver the best in customer awareness and lifestyle-enhancing products and services that anticipate customers’ needs. They understand that customers are on –the-go, mobile, busy and expect seamless services. We also pay adequate attention to the needs of customers and deliver the right products and services at the right time, helping our customers, simplify their lives and enabling them to transact their day to day business and lives easily, while ensuring a great user experience from the start to the end.

With the launch of the website, the company will be more able to provide the best service to all of our valued customers. Their customers may avail the services through visiting their official website starting today.

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