BrandArena: Drama in Kenya as #MyDressMyChoice, #NudityIsNotMyChoice goes viral

Thursday 20 November 2014

Drama in Kenya as #MyDressMyChoice, #NudityIsNotMyChoice goes viral

The video of a Kenyan woman that was been attacked and stripped by a mob of men on a Nairobi street early this month over "inappropriately dressing" has continued to ignite several debate across the country and beyond.

Some of protesters have ever since continued to make their voice heard via Twitter with the #MyDressMyChoice hashtag after staging streets protest on Monday in support of the campaign.

It wasn't long however before another hashtag started trending, #NudityIsNotMyChoice, used by those who have a somewhat different opinion on the matter. They say that while the way you dress is your choice, it's not a free pass to dress inappropriately. According to a report on CNN, the anti-group also joined in the protest, chanting "don't be naked" and "wear clothes."

According to Wambui Ngige who started the #MyDressMyChoice campaign, this is not the first or only incident where a woman has been stripped in public for allegedly wearing indecent clothing.

What's your opinion on this... Share your view via Twitter by using the #MyDressMyChoice or #NudityisNotMyChoice hashtags.

image source: Aljazira

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  1. Hmm... Modesty is highly needed. As Africans, indecency is highly frowned at. We ain't Western people. We have our culture, norms and values that is different from them.