BrandArena: World's first independent national sperm bank launches in Birmingham

Friday, 31 October 2014

World's first independent national sperm bank launches in Birmingham

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The world's first independent national sperm bank has been launched in Birmingham to alleviate the shortage of donors in the UK, Sky News reports.

According to Sky News, The centre is a collaboration between the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) and Birmingham Women's Hospital.

"At present some patients needing donor sperm are faced with few safe options and find themselves on waiting lists of up to five years, or having to stop treatment altogether.

"Not only is the National Sperm Bank going to revolutionise access to donor sperm in this country, its founders are also on a mission to change the face of sperm donation", Sue Avery, Director of Birmingham Women's Fertility Centre, was quoted as saying in the report.

Women will also be able to choose a donor according to criteria such as looks, hobbies and profession.

The project was reportedly set up with the help of a £77,000 Department of Health grant, hopes to have 1,000 regular donors within three years.


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