BrandArena: Proposed Ebola Parties In The UK Draws Criticism

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Proposed Ebola Parties In The UK Draws Criticism

The proposed Saturday Night Ebola Fever for Halloween weekend at Scotch of St James, a music venue in Mayfair in London, has continued to draw criticism from charities attempting to deal with the outbreak.

Recently, flyers and a Facebook invite, complete with a banner with Halloween-themed writing, was released.

Tom Dannatt, chief executive and founder of Street Child, a charity running an Ebola crisis appeal, told the Telegraph that anyone trying to make light of the crisis or a profit out of it is reprehensible.

A medical doctor, Dr. Susan Nelson said such awareness which not be view from a marketing perspective. "Some people always look forward to caught in on any public challenge and us it to get the attention of their targeted audience all in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility or Brand Affiliation. The issue of Ebola shouldn't be taken with levity."

However, organisers at the Scotch said the name of the flyer is a play on words, and that the theme was not Ebola but 1970s Saturday Night Fever.

The organisers say the event is being held to raise awareness of the deadly disease, and they planned to raise 1,500 through discretionary donations for Doctors Without Borders, a charity working in west Africa.

It is to be recalled that the World Health Organization has reported that there are more than 10,000 cases of Ebola currently with over 5,000 deaths mostly in West Africa.

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