BrandArena: Maltina Dance All Contestants Visit NB Lagos Brewery

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Maltina Dance All Contestants Visit NB Lagos Brewery

As the momentum in the ongoing Maltina Dance All 8 continues to gather steam, the contestants took out time from their busy dance schedules and practice routines to visit the Lagos Brewery of Nigerian Breweries Plc to see first-hand how Maltina, Nigeria’s number one nourishing malt drink is brewed.

After fulfilling all the necessary safety procedures, they were ushered into the brewery and taken through the brewing process by the brewery Quality Manager, Mr. Ajileye Olufemi who described the visit as essential and timely added thatMaltina is enriched with vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B5, B6, C and calcium which positions it as a drink that delivers superior nourishment and vitality. The raw materials used in the brewing process are limited to just the finest quality hops, water and adjunct (malted sorghum, raw sorghum and maize grist).

According to him, Maltina is beneficial to the body in many ways. To this end, it “provides extra nourishment to build, protect and rehabilitate the body system. It gives firm support to the bones and teeth and makes them strong due to the presence of calcium. It is the only malt drink in the market that is fortified with calcium”

The Packaging Manager, Mr. Nduka Nnabuihe, explained that the process involved in packaging Maltina into finished form is totally automated and complies with international quality assurance standard.

All the family representatives, who were entering a brewery for the first time in their lives, expressed appreciation for the opportunity to visit the brewery and see things for themselves first hand. Callistus Uzodinma, the family representative of the Uzodinma family said “What Maltina did today is to take me on an educational tour. Prior to this visit, I had no idea how Maltina is brewed, I only buy and drink it regularly. Now, I have in depth knowledge of how the nourishing drink is made.”

Adila Unanka, who won the dancer of the night at the pantomime performance show, and was able to bring her entire family, described her experience at the Lagos brewery as a life time knowledge that will remain fresh in her mind even after the show. She praised the brand for the “golden opportunity of seeing how Maltina is brewed.”

Ebi Williams, who shared his experience and learning at the brewery said that,“I just buy Maltina and drink without having knowledge about how it is brewed and all the ingredients and vitamins that go into it. This is a tour of a lifetime for me.” He said beyond the brewery visit, he is grateful for the entire dancing lessons he has received which will enhance his career in the future.

The story is not different for Wilfred Utere, of the Utere family who also commended the brand for granting them the opportunity of visiting the brewery. “Without mincing words, I want to thank Maltina for this visit. This visit shows that the brand is interested in our future. I intend studying Chemistry or Microbiology in the University and what I witnessed here today will definitely give me a head start. It is also heartwarming to see that MDA is beyond dancing.”

Kelsi Dide and Peter Odigie of the Dide and Odigie families also applauded the brand for the initiative which has broadened their outlook. “I learnt a lot here today which I would never have had, if I were not a participant in MDA,” Peter Odigie said.

The brewery visit will be the first time that contestants in a MDA competition would be undertaking such an exercise which the Senior Brand Manager, Mr. Adewole Adedeji described as timely. “We feel that it is high time our contestants see how Maltina is brewed and that beyond dancing, they have a lot to learn through other means, and this is one of such. We also believe that when they get to their respective destinations they would be able to pass on the knowledge and good news about what Maltina is doing.” He further revealed that the brand’s sharing of happiness is also taken a step further by the visit which is an avenue for the contestants to interact with the people behind brewing of the number one nourishing malt drink.

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