BrandArena: Jumia Deepens Market Penetration in Egypt

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Jumia Deepens Market Penetration in Egypt

Jumia Egypt has become one of the strongest and most popular online shopping malls in the country.

Jumia Egypt currently has two major projects which are; their new brand AGU and the “Shop in Shop” feature. Jumia has created AGU because they knew the importance of fashion industry in Egypt. The brand is created and manufactured by Jumia Egypt and it is sold exclusively on their website. Jumia works with three or four Egyptian factories to produce this brand and this has given Jumia team a better understanding of the fashion industry in the country.

The “Shop in Shop” concept is basically a new feature developed specially to allure retailers and major brands into e-commerce. Jumia will allow retailers to have their own shop on Jumia website, they will also give them access to their customer service platform, nationwide fleet and storage facilities in return for an agreed upon commission. Through flexible payment methods, retailers will find it better to invest in Jumia than to invest in any other offline mall. This feature will also give a huge push to e-commerce in Egypt since the number of online retailers and shoppers will increase.

Through providing different payment options and various collections of products Jumia Egypt has become the no.1 online shopping mall in Egypt. What is more, Jumia market share is expected to grow by more than 36% within the next couple of years.

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