BrandArena: Nigerians reverting to Blackberry

Monday 4 August 2014

Nigerians reverting to Blackberry

In Nigeria, many Android users are reverting to BlackBerry devices due to the high data subscription costs on Android, Nigerian Tribune reports.

According to the report, this time around, the BlackBerry 10 series seems to be the popular choice. The report states that the gap between the data available for Android subscription compared to BlackBerry at the same cost is quite big.

Currently, among all the networks, N1,000 subscription valid for one month barely attracts up to 400MB - even with all the bonus data some networks offer. For N1,000, Glo provides 350MB, and MTN 260MB. In comparison, BlackBerry subscriptions reportedly average 1GB on most networks. Airtel offers up to 2GB, Glo offers 3GB, and MTN offers the least at 350MB for N1000 monthly. Yet, it's still more than what it offers for Android at the same cost.

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