BrandArena: Manchester United Ban iPads, Tablet Devices at Old Trafford

Thursday 14 August 2014

Manchester United Ban iPads, Tablet Devices at Old Trafford

For security reasons, English Premier League side, Manchester United have added large electronic devices including laptops and tablets to the list of banned items for match days at their famous Old Trafford stadium.

The club will, however, still allow the use smart phones and small cameras inside the 76,100-seater stadium.

An email was circulated to fans ahead of Tuesday's friendly against Valencia, explaining the new measures which aren't believed to be in operation at any other English club.

United say it is a special case. "The scale of Old Trafford and profile of Manchester United mean that the risk at this venue is unique," United said.

Sports fans are increasingly using iPads and similar devices to take photographs and videos in stadiums, raising fears that games could be filmed and copyright laws could be broken.

Have you ever taken an iPad to a sporting event and did you use it to film the match? What other items should be banned from sports events and what is the oddest thing you have seen at a match?

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