BrandArena: Infinix Zero: The Trending Android Smartphone

Friday 8 August 2014

Infinix Zero: The Trending Android Smartphone

There is so much excitement about the new Infinix Zero! This is the device that is set to dwarf all others in terms of performance and technology. Imagine the superior picture quality of a 13MP camera, the speed derived from the powerful Octa-Core processor, the latest Android 4.4 Kit kat technology and the classy glass on metal finish this device has to offer!

The Infinix Zero is an embodiment of aesthetics. One of the first things that would strike you about the phone is its sleekness. It has a smooth feeling and it’s very palm friendly. It is also very light, weighing just about 150 mg. The hardened glass frame, called the Gorrilla glass, is an extraordinary feature, allowing you to hit it against a hard surface without getting broken! To have a virtual feel of this amazing device, click here ---> Feel the Infinix Zero

The Infinix Zero would be sold exclusively on This is because Konga is the best marketplace platform in Nigeria as shown by several metrics.  Infinix Zero would be sold online because the costs of e-commerce is cheaper than that of a brick and mortar market, thereby making products more affordable for customers. Click here to sign up for pre-order info.

Amidst all the excitement, is giving fans the opportunity to win lots of cool gifts and a VIP ticket to the official launching of the phone! All you have to do is ‘Decide The Slogan’ for the Infinix Zero phone (Hint: Slogan starts with 'Zero'). You are required to post your slogan in the comment section of the Konga Facebook page. Click here to enter ----> Konga Facebook Page

This phone is much more affordable than you can imagine! Can you guess how much is selling it for?  Sign up here to get exclusive information -----> Infinix Zero

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