BrandArena: 8 Best Affordable Wedding Venues For Your Big Day

Saturday 30 August 2014

8 Best Affordable Wedding Venues For Your Big Day

Everybody loves weddings; the glamour, the colors, the music, the food, and the palpable tension in the air everyone tries to ignore. But a wedding wouldn’t really be as glamorous or colorful or awesome without the right venue, don’t you agree? The venue is what brings the whole event together, and I know how hard it is to find the perfect one.

Some people know from a young age where it is they want to have their wedding and plan every detail, save the groom, until the day itself. However, majority are really just clueless and only start from scratch when the question is popped. 

Renting a hall doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, or any other body parts for that matter. There are actually some pretty affordable places that would be perfect for you that you don’t know about. This is why Africa’s Number 1 Hotel Booking Portal has put together this list of venue options with pretty neat packages you should consider while planning your wedding.

  1. Lagos Oriental Hotel
In addition to being a beautiful hotel, The Lagos Oriental Hotel has a ballroom that would be perfect for your wedding reception. You can rent the ballroom which can hold up to 800 guests for N1,500,000. There is no specific wedding package per say, but there are buffet menus you can choose from, at an extra cost, and a reservation grants you access to staff that can help with decorations and such. Also, equipment like microphones and lighting are free of charge.

  1. Grand Towers Hotel
The Grand Towers Hotel is a gorgeous hotel located at Maitama, Abuja and they have a picturesque banquet hall you can use for your wedding available. Their wedding package costs about N350,000 to N500,000 and includes Tables, chairs, table dressing, staff, glassware, cutlery, crockery, use of the kitchen, red Carpet, and porters. If you need a band as well, one can be provided at an extra cost.
  1. Chida International Hotel
Chida is another amazing hotel in the city of Abuja that would be great for your wedding reception. Although there is no wedding package available, you can rent their banquet hall for N250,000 and transform it into your dream venue.
  1. Palazzo Dumont
Not everyone wants a large crowd of thousands at their wedding. It can be tricky finding a hall for the small group you’ve invited to your wedding that is both affordable and attractive. This is why the Palazzo Dumont is a fantastic choice. You can rent their conference hall which seats about 150 guests (banquet style) at N250,000.
  1. Excel Oriental Hotel & Suites
This is also a wonderful option for a small wedding in Lagos. You can rent the banquet hall, which holds about 200 people, for N250,000. However, there are extra charges involved - N5,000 insurance charge is mandatory, and you pay an extra N30,000 for waste removal. If your wedding happens to go into overtime, you are charged an extra N10,000 per hour.
  1. Etal Hotels and Halls
Etal Hotels, located at Oregun, has an excellent wedding package I’d encourage anyone to take advantage of. The banquet hall holds 400 guests, and you can either rent it for a weekday at N350,000 or for a Saturday at N450,000. Booking the hall for a wedding also comes with a few perks – you get a complimentary room for changing, as well as free night’s stay. Coolers, drums and decorations can be provided on request.
  1. Agura Hotel
Agura Hotel, located in the city of Abuja, may not have deliberate wedding packages, but they have several hall options available for your reception. According to your preference, you may choose the Banquet Hall I which holds 100-120 guests and costs NGN 120,000, or combine this hall with their Mercury Hall to hold 250 guests for NGN 180,000. It will cost N150,000 to rent Banquet Hall II, and you have the option to set it up to hold 150 guests (with tables) or about 300 guests (without tables).
  1. 3J’s Hotel
At the 3J’s Hotel, Abuja you can rent the elegant Royal Gold Congress Hall, which holds up to 600 guests, at N400,000 for that fantasy wedding you’ve always wanted. This is perfect because it’s pillar-less and allows your guests an unobstructed view of you and your newly acquired spouse. At an extra charge, you can get a DJ and/or music, and catering services.

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