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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Shop KONGA on Palmchat

Ladies, timely information they say, is all that makes the difference. One minute behind the info is one minute too late, and you could be losing out on that 50% discount designer handbag, heels, makeup kit … body magic (Haa…like we don’t know J) or that new arrival you can’t  wait to lay your hands on!

Voila girls! Palmchat in partnership with KONGA.COM is bringing you all the shopping discounts, new arrivals, promos…you name it, on your favourite mobile social platform. Just join the ‘KONGA group’ on Palmchat and all the breaking news on your world of retail shopping will be at your finger tips. With just a click, you can get to know what is new on

The best part? All new followers get an instant discount code to shop with! Yes, it’s true. Are you worried about getting unnecessary notifications from Konga? That won’t happen. 

Anytime you need the latest information on discounts, promos and sales, simply enter the group conversation and you will be informed.

Join the thriving community of super-smart shoppers on Palmchat and make your lifestyle more fashion-forward. Follow KONGA on Palmchat today. Click here to download the Palmchat app.

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