BrandArena: Discover Nigeria: Top 10 Hotels For Your Summer Getaway

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Discover Nigeria: Top 10 Hotels For Your Summer Getaway

Jovago researched and found ten Nigerian Summer Gateway Hotels to spend holidays. Theses Nigerian hotels are situated atop rich palm forest vegetation, show magnificent African landscaping in a unique ambiance of tranquility and relaxation.
Eko Hotel & Suites

1. Eko Hotel & Suites. 
Eko Hotel & Suites is the most preferred hotel in West Africa, also the most prestigious international hotel in Lagos, strategically positioned in the heart of Nigeria’s economic activity. Built on the exclusive Victoria Island, the Hotel is spread over three buildings and has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Kuramo Lagoon. Beautiful gardens and magnificent African landscaping surround the hotel. The five star hotel has established itself as THE place to stay when in Lagos for business or leisure. Designed for your comfort and convenience, your tranquility and security are their prime concern.

The Hotel’s aim is to provide the best possible experience for each customer and have built loyalty with outstanding customer service.
Le Meridien Ibom
2. Le Meridien Ibom
Le Meridien Ibom is situated in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Uyo is the main capital of the state and is 10 minutes away from the luxurious resort. The hotel is situated atop rich palm forest vegetation, this magnificent property set over 135 hectares of land, connotes peace and serenity complimented by its original atmosphere.

Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, a world of landscaped tropical beauty, includes private terraces in each of the 130 guest rooms, 26 suites, and seven chalets. Each room looks over a forest of palm trees and the golf course. The resort includes bars and restaurants as well as Marina Club House & BBQ Terrace, a heliport, retail shops, a hair salon, and a VIP lounge.

The lush greens of the world class golf course, creates the right atmosphere, for the most challenging memorable golfing experience. Each time, you visit this unique property, discoveries await you.
Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, the pride of Akwa Ibom State.
3. Hotel Presidential. 
Hotel Presidential is the leading quality hotel in Port Harcourt, Located in the heart of the Garden City and less than an hour’s drive from the international and domestic airport. Centrally situated within the business district and the main shopping area of the city, Hotel Presidential is seen as the first port of call for business travellers.

Hotel Presidential is over 40years since it was built and has maintain its high level ranking with the best facilities of the moment as time revolves.
Being the biggest and the oldest five star hotel in the east of the Niger Delta, It is reflected in its 261 tastefully furnished and functionally equipped rooms and 44 spacious suites including presidential and luxury suites. The hotel features a variety of restaurants offering a wide selection of international cuisines and distinctive styles ranging from African and Asian to Lebanese Cuisine.

Tinapa Lakeside Hotel is located at the heart of the spectacular and breath taking Tinapa Lake giving it an impressive lake view with refined luxury and scintillating serenity. Exquisiteness and Class oozes out of every single one of the rooms, with defined service architecture. The hotel was built to complement the business activities in the zone and provide accommodation and service for Tourists and leisure seekers.
Tinapa Lakeside Hotel is known for their emotional service, where they deposit extra emotions in the customer’s emotional bank account, leaving you to experience the desired difference. They speak quality, hospitality and comfort.

A guest in the hotel is free enjoy the access to the best water park in west Africa, renowned shopping malls and breath taking Games Arcade at no extra cost. You will be left with an unforgettable experience of the handmade irresistible local and international cuisines.
Nigeria’s only privately owned golf course with hotel facilities attached to it, MicCom Hotels & Resort is situated in the rustic town of Ada in Osun State. It’s a resort that is promoting golf as niche to tourism product that can help the state showcase its other tourism attractions as well as attract more tourists.
MicCom Resort has over the years redefined the concept of hotel services by offering pure teeing-off delight to all golf enthusiasts, a unique ambience of tranquility and relaxation, while enjoying a premium sport. Apart from pulling golf lovers, the serene environment has also transformed the facilities into one of the leading resorts for retreats and conferencing. This tranquility is only broken by the musical chirping of birds which lead you to the sensational Erin-Ijesha waterfalls, a renowned tourist attraction, which flows hot and cold water.
The Epe Resort & Spa, a stylish blend of contemporary and traditional design, with 40 rooms consisting of 10 chalets of four rooms each, nestled in the lush green hillside of a tropical forest & bordering the Lekki Lagoon. It is located opposite Lagos State Drivers Institute, Epe-Itoken road Epe, from where you have the easiest access toEleko Beach, Epe lagoon, Lakowe Beach and Lakowe Golf Course.

The resort showcases the cream of Nigerian culture while delivering the ultimate in personalized service, excellent cuisine, social style & business reliability. The decorative stonewalls; rich dark wood interiors blended creates an elegance and luxury look in the wonderfully spacious rooms with patios overlooking the sprawling gardens, ideal for all occasions; a romantic break, family vacation or corporate getaway.
Epe Resort features facilities and equipment for recreational games like Tennis, Volleyball, Paddle tennis, Basketball, Board Games, Mountain biking, kiddies’ swimming pool, and the half aside Football game.
Grand Towers Hotel was born out of the desire and vision to create exclusive boutique hotels in Nigeria and West Africa. The ultra-modern yet bespoke Grand Towers Hotel is located in the residential area, next to Katampe Hill (home to Aso Radio) 11min away from Aso Rock.

Grand Towers boasts furniture, guest amenities and technological equipment of superlative standards. There are numerous facilities available to help you relax, such as a fitness center and swimming pool. Offering unique unpredictable style, coupled with exemplary personalized services and facilities second to none in Abuja.

Experience is simply the way to tell.
Vantage Beach Hotel is located opposite the Lekki Phase 1 along the sea shore. This hotel is built at the sea line so you can see the ocean right from your balcony. There is a seaside activity center on the ground floor where you can partake in Jet Ski rides, quad bikes, boats and music. It’s just a cruise away from the gorgeous Tarkwa Bay Resort.

The tale of Vantage Beach Hotel cannot be scribbled here perfectly as it may appear that one is conjuring what is not. A curious mind however, just has to step out and feel the breeze of one of the best resorts ever planted in Nigeria.

To the past guests, it is not a matter of being careless with words or being flippant or exaggerating, but a reality of what they have seen and experienced in the hotel which they could not find elsewhere in the South- West.
Jojein Hotels and Resort is a family friendly destination with luxuriously furnished rooms & suites, concept with an African theme. Hospitality is displayed beyond satisfaction at Jojein Hotels and Resort. Wake up to the sunny views of downtown Akure, go for any activity at the well equipped Gymnastic Center.
The resort center at the back of the hotel is filled with multi-fun arena decked with different bars all stocked with exotic drinks and liquors, a zoological garden with different animals, birds and the horse stable to compliment this. Beside the twin Olympic-size swimming pool is an exotic Intercontinental African bar fitted with all ornamental and disco facilities designed to banish stress and boredom.

The South Western part of Nigeria is happy to have Jojein Hotels and Resort Hotel located at Airport Road, Oba-Ile, Akure, Ondo State.
Quarry Imperial Hotel boasts a prime position at the heart of Abeokuta city. The unique service offer combines a personal style with award winning service whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. It is one hotel constructed and designed with facilities of comfort wrapping it with excellent and prompt service. You will be pleasantly surprised at the homeliness and hospitality of the beautiful Egba people of Abeokuta.
The hotel is merely 10 minutes away from the historical Olumo Rock, one of Africa’s notable tourist centers. This makes it very popular and in high demand with fun seeking tourists as well as scholars on excursion.


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