BrandArena: Promasidor re-iterates commitment to partnership with Thomson Foundation on media training

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Promasidor re-iterates commitment to partnership with Thomson Foundation on media training

(Middle) Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria, Mr. Olivier Thiry
Promasidor Nigeria Limited has re-iterated its commitment to partner with the world's longest established international media development organisation, Thomson Foundation, for media training. The company described the media as a very important platform for dissemination of information to different target audiences.

Following presentation of awards to winners in this year’s Promasidor Quill Awards for journalists, the company promised that the overall winner, Kunle Falayi, will be sent to the London-Based Thomson Foundation for training on multi-media journalism.

Mr. Olivier Thiry, Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria who made the assertion said the decision hinged on the premise that the news media constitute an important sector in any economy whether developed or developing. According to him, the media can help disseminate specific messages to the target audience for optimum results as they provide publicity and exposure for not only news, announcement, event or request – but for group or organisation as well.

For this, Thiry stated that Promasidor is committed to its partnership with Thomson Foundation as he disclosed that Falayi will this August in London join journalists from other countries for training by the Foundation.

The Managing Director explained that gaining coverage in the news media by either any group or institution gives credibility as it has a lot to do with the thought processes of the public which monitor and "consume" the media each day.

He stated that one of the most significant powers the media has is that of being able to shape opinions; pointing out that every organisation should actively seek out positive publicity through positive media coverage. However, he stated: “every group should also remember that any positive opinions generated from positive media coverage can be blunted or reversed by negative opinions generated through negative media coverage.”

Thiry therefore said the determination to sustain the high standard of media practice in Nigeria formed the basis upon which the overall winner in the Promasidor Quill Awards for journalists is being sent to the Thomson Foundation for training.

Already, the overall winner, Kunle Falayi, has started preparations for his four-week multi-media journalism training course with the Foundation in the United Kingdom.

Following his emergence as the journalist with the best entry in this year’s Promasidor Quill Awards, the promoters of the annual awards, Promasidor furnished Thomson Foundation with Falayi’s details so that preparations could be made for his entry visa to Britain.

Speaking in an interview in Lagos, Falayi disclosed that his application for visa has been submitted with the British High Commission and expects that within two weeks time, his visa would be ready. He also said that his employers have been so supportive to him, as arrangements are being made to grant him leave of absence for the period of his foreign training coming up in August this year. Falayi said he was mentally, and psychologically ready for the trip as he promised to represent Nigeria well.


  1. Impressive CSR from a progressive company

  2. Yes. Promasidor CSR is quite commendable