BrandArena: Ingenico Group reinforces partnership with the GIM-UEMOA

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Ingenico Group reinforces partnership with the GIM-UEMOA

Ingenico Group, global leader in seamless payment, and the GIM-UEMOA celebrate ten years of partnership. This historic collaboration sparked the development of electronic payment systems across the West African region.

With the support of the GIM-UEMOA, Ingenico Group has played an active role in the rise of electronic payment systems and the development of banking services in West Africa, thanks to a strong network of partners in the countries of the UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union), and a number of projects aimed at promoting banking services and the use of payment methods.

For many years, Ingenico has been organising meetings between bankers and merchants in most of the countries in the region in order to raise awareness about the importance of electronic payment systems for socio-economic development, the security aspect relating to transactions and the possibility of paying money into bank accounts in real time.

The very first transaction effected by the GIM was made via an Ingenico POS device with the Versus Bank in Ivory Coast. Today around 1,200 POS solutions are deployed across the UEMOA region.

This long-standing partnership is now being validated by Ingenico Group’s participation as a Diamond Partner in the 4th regional event for electronic payment systems (Salon Monétique Régional) June 19-20 in Dakar. At this event, Ingenico Group will take part as a moderator in the panel “mPOS and contactless payment as a catalyst for the development of retail payment systems” and will present its range of innovative solutions, including Branchless Banking, Mobile Money and money transfer, in a bid to promote financial inclusion in West Africa.

Ingenico Africa, which was recently established in Casablanca, Morocco, is taking advantage of this event to congratulate the GIM-UEMOA for all it has done for the promotion and accessibility of electronic payment systems in the sub-region.

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