BrandArena: Google launches SA elections portal

Friday, 18 April 2014

Google launches SA elections portal

Google has launched an online portal dedicated to covering the South African elections on May 7, providing easy access to elections-related news for voters.

The portal will compile election-related reports from across the web, party and candidate information, instructions on where to vote, real-time election news, search trends, and videos by political parties, media and civil society. The internet giant has also been training political parties, the media and youth on how to best use digital platforms throughout the election period.

“In next month’s elections, South Africans will celebrate 20 years of democracy when they step out to vote, reflecting on how far their nation has come since the first free and fair elections in 1994, as well as considering the most pressing issues affecting their lives. That’s why today we’re launching the South African Elections Hub, a portal where you can follow the latest elections news, videos and information,” Google said.

“The world will be watching closely as South Africa moves towards voting day, and we hope that citizens find the Elections Hub useful during this important time.”

Google said it has already registered a surge in election-related search topics with the public looking for information on political parties and candidates, while earlier in the year people were in particular searching how to register to vote.


  1. Hoping Nigeria could learn something from this and adopt this initiative in subsequence election.

  2. Google full of innovation