BrandArena: Social Media Week To Hold In Johannesburg In September

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Social Media Week To Hold In Johannesburg In September

The global Social Media Week (SMW) event is to arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, in September, the second African destination of the series after two successful events in Lagos.

The event will be held in Johannesburg from September 22 to 26 this year, alongside other debut cities such as Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Sydney, Australia.

In a statement, the organisers said: “As the first African city to host the event in February 2013, (Lagos) has provided a blueprint for uptake on the continent, having delivered two extremely successful events to date.

“This year, Johannesburg grabs the baton and secures its place at the table. Its sophisticated media and communications infrastructure, expanding startup scene and renown for hosting world-class events make the city of gold a natural choice for a conference of this calibre.”

The Johannesburg event will take place under the theme “Connecting Our Futures”, with the event to feature a combination of crowd-sourced and curated events in venues across the city in a variety of formats, including keynotes, panels, virtual hangouts, master classes and exhibitions.

“In 2014 South Africa is taking stock of the milestones surpassed and the ones yet to be reached in the 20 years since becoming a democracy,” the organisers said. “Social Media Week Johannesburg proposes to aggregate in real time the many different conversations that make up the nation’s voice, to present an authentic picture of where we are at and, just as importantly, to project the possibilities of where we can be thanks to the leaps and bounds in advancement that technological innovation allows.”

SMW has been held in more than 26 cities and five continents since. Making its first African edition in Lagos launch last year and second edition last month also in Lagos, Nigeria. The aim of the global event series is to capture, curate and share meaningful ideas, trends and best practices with regards to social media’s impact on business, society and culture.

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