BrandArena: Sanofi Demonstrates Commitment to African Children with “Healthy Children, Happy Children”

Saturday 8 March 2014

Sanofi Demonstrates Commitment to African Children with “Healthy Children, Happy Children”

Sanofi has launched across the African continent a corporate social responsibility initiative with pediatrics slant themed “Healthy Children, Happy Children,” as part of efforts to diversify and adapt its healthcare offerings to young Africans.

This unique initiative relies on 3 pillars:

Development of medicines and vaccines: Sanofi takes into account the epidemiological profiles of each country, with a view to broadening its offer to new therapeutic areas, develop formulations and dosages adjusted to the needs of African patients, and improve access to medicine, thanks to a differentiated pricing policy.

Training and communication for healthcare professionals: With this second pillar Sanofi will, thanks to continuous medical education programs on pediatric topics (vaccination and antibiotherapy, malaria, epilepsy, diabetes), strive to improve healthcare through provision of quality medical information.

Informational and educational activities for the general public:
On this third pillar, Sanofi engage the public and enlighten people on health matters. For example better ways to manage pain & fever, to prevent malaria, etc., and provide follow-up tools for children, like health notebooks or smart phones applications.

“Pediatrics is a priority for Africa: 1 child out of 4 in the world is African and 50% of the worldwide infant mortality occurs on this continent. Sanofi is the leader in Africa, with the largest healthcare offer dedicated to children. Sanofi’s Pediatrics Initiative corresponds to the strong desire to strengthen our contribution and commitment to child healthcare”, declared Antoine Ortoli, Intercontinental Senior Vice-President, Global Operations. “Sanofi’s priority is to have a healthcare offer that is more tailored and diversified in terms of products and services for healthcare professionals and the general public. It’s in being closer to the everyday local realities that we can, together, overcome the great health challenges of the African Continent”.

The First Pediatrics Initiative in Nigeria “The Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Fun Centre was launched February 27, 2014.

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