BrandArena: Konga makes bold statement at 'Alibaba Story' premiere

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Konga makes bold statement at 'Alibaba Story' premiere

During the movie premiere (image source: Konga)
In a gathering of the Nigerian premiere of “Crocodile In The Yangtze(The Alibaba Story), Konga made reiterated its commitment to contribute its quarter to the economic development of Nigeria.

The premiere had in attendance Nigerian Tech and Business ecosystem - Startup founders, Investors, students and journalists at Ozone Cinemas, Lagos.

CEO of, Sim Shagaya also spoke about why Konga organised the event, he said “We have a duty to our country, especially from the area of commerce. Sometimes it has been unholy, slavery, but we will use commerce to redeem this nation. Irrespective of tribe, religion and ethnicity, if we continue thinking about it like this, we will be fine”.

CEO of iROKOtv and Spark, Jason Njoku also gave a post movie roundup where he charged the Nigerian community to work together to build up the ecosystem and to tell their own stories more.

He also spoke about how Sim Shagaya and the Konga story should provide some inspiration to young entrepreneurs. We want to thank everyone that was at the event and as our CEO promised, we are working hard to ensure that the and Nigerian biz/Tech ecosytem story is as big and even bigger than the Alibaba story.

The film “Crocodile In The Yangtze(The Alibaba Story) had been screened in different locations around the world by its producer and former Vice President of, Erisman Porter was also on hand to answer questions from startup founders, students and journalists.

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