BrandArena: Intel Announces 3D Depth Sensing Cameras For Laptops

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Intel Announces 3D Depth Sensing Cameras For Laptops

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Intel Corporation has announced its collaboration with seven other companies to unleash products this year containing its 3D software and hardware, called Intel RealSense technology.
Intel announces 3D Depth Sensing Cameras for laptop

The depth sensors, planned for laptops, can be used to interpret gesture controls and can separate foreground objects from the background.

Microsoft's Kinect and SoftKinetic's Depthsense already offer these functions, with Apple recently buying Primesense, a firm that also offers depth sensing hardware.

The Intel RealSense 3D camera is one of the first products in the new family and is the world's first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module that helps devices "see" depth much like the human eye.

"For decades, people have had to learn new languages, techniques and commands to get our devices to do what we want," Mooly Eden, senior vice president, general manager of the Perceptual Computing Group said in a release by the company.

"Our vision with Intel RealSense technology is to reverse that, and make our devices learn and understand us. By equipping them with technologies that mimic human senses in a more genuine way, our everyday experiences such as learning, communication and gaming are transformed; and entirely new ones are possible", said.

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