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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Updated

Source Blackberry
Blackberry has announced new update for Twitter on your BlackBerry 10 device.

Designed to be the best way to stay connected to Twitter on BlackBerry 10 device, the Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 v10.2.2 comes packed with new features. Twitter version 10.2.2 is available globally for handsets running BlackBerry 10 version 10.0 or higher.

According to Donny Halliwell, Editor-in-Chief of Inside BlackBerry, the features include:

  • Home Timeline Photo Preview – Tweets with Twitter photos let you be part of the moment. Image thumbnails are now displayed on the Home timeline for all images – just tap the image to reveal the full screen version.    
  • BBM™ Connected – If you love BBM and Twitter, you’ll love this update. Now Tweet and update your BBM™ status at the same time.
  • Reply within Tweets – It’s now easier to reply to Tweets with a built-in Tweet composer that appears when you tap to see details of a Tweet.
Improved Search – Now relevant accounts will appear in search after you enter your query.
  • Report spam or abuse by clicking on the Tweet details screen.

This release also features performance improvements to help you access your content faster.

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  1. I like this new Twitter. Pls I downloaded the latest BBM and its too heavy for my Bold 4.. Pls is there anyway I could go back to old version?