BrandArena: Harvest of Awards For Nigerian Breweries Brands At ADVAN Event

Monday 4 November 2013

Harvest of Awards For Nigerian Breweries Brands At ADVAN Event

It was a harvest of awards for brands under the umbrella of Nigerian Breweries Plc as they won awards in six categories at the just concluded Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) Awards for Marketing Excellence held at the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino, Lagos. It was accolades after accolades as the respective brand managers collected the awards on behalf of their brands.

Maltina, the nation’s number one malt drink widely noted for the all-pervasive Maltina Dance All (MDA) concept was the winner of the “Consumer Promotion Category” and “Innovation Category”.
Star, the more than sixty year old premium lager beer that is synonymous with Nigeria and music won two awards in the “Digital Marketing Category” and the “Experiential Marketing Category”.
Heineken, for the first time introduced the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology where participants would have to clock-in to receive and solve complex and interesting puzzles and clues as they rush through the city of Lagos in their quest to win tickets to Wembly.
Legend Extra Stout also won an award in the “Consumer Promotion Category”. The award is coming on the heel of the recently concluded Real Deal promo which paved the way for trips to Dubai where no fewer than 30 lucky consumers were sponsored to Dubai for an exciting shopping experience.

On why brands from the company won so many awards, Mr. Kufre Ekanem, Corporate Affairs Adviser said that, NB Plc is synonymous with quality, innovation, creativity and marketing and sales excellence. “It should not come to anyone as a surprise that we won so many awards. Our consumers know that we care and love them. From the MDA to Star Quest, Gulder Ultimate Search and the numerous activations we carry out round the clock all year round, our consumers know we provide platforms for them to achieve their dream. I am so happy that people outside are keenly watching our strides and I thank the organisers of the ADVAN awards for highlighting our successes”.

In his welcome address at the event, Mr. Kola Oyeyemi, President of ADVAN, said that the awards is meant to acknowledge and reward marketing professionals that have made outstanding contributions to the profession and compliment other awards in the marketing communication industry. He further said that the award is a celebration of hard work and ingenuity in the marketing profession. 

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  1. Wow! This is great. Well, I'm not so surprise though.. NB have been doing it for years. They parade the biggest brands in Nigeria