BrandArena: Why you need to undertake an online Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

Friday 4 October 2013

Why you need to undertake an online Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

When you start working in hospitality, you will undoubtedly need to acquire a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate to start work. A RSA Certificate is proof that you and your employer understand responsible drinking and have undertaken the required training to serve alcohol; meaning you understand the rules and standards of serving alcohol and the risks involved by not following procedure.

All venues that serve alcohol require anyone handling alcohol to have a RSA certificate by law, especially as liquor permits laws tighten up, without it your employers could face serious fines. Conversely, if you have a Certificate and are found to be serving alcohol irresponsibly, you could also face problems.

As the Certificate is a requirement for so many people, there are many places that offer RSA training via different methods and differing costs. Traditionally, you would have to attend a workshop where an individual would train you. The problem with this method however, is that you would have to make time to attend a session, and not many people these days have the time to do that. It may have also been difficult to get to the specified location, costing you money in transport as well as fees for a class that required an instructor.

Alternatively, these days RSA courses are easily accessible online, making them convenient and affordable for anyone over the age of 18 to complete (of course a requirement of the course is that you must be over 18 as that is the legal age of alcohol consumption). The internet is ripe with online RSA courses vying for your attention, but you should be wary of any dodgy looking websites. Ask around for suggestions of reputable organisations, such as Complete Hospitality Training, and look into what the course includes.

Article by Belinda Darling


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