BrandArena: Ad Dynamo To Enter Kenya in September

Thursday 15 August 2013

Ad Dynamo To Enter Kenya in September

South Africa’s largest ad network alternative to Google and Nigeria’s largest ad network alternative to Google, Ad Dynamo has announced that it is prepping to enter Kenya in early September.

With MSN Kenya secured as an exclusive publisher for Kenya already, Ad Dynamo will commence serving advertisers immediately. It will offer advertisers in Kenya a compelling solution that provides convenience and scale of reach.

It’s product set that will be released in full in Kenya includes: Mobile ad network, Online ad network, Official Twitter advertising products available in Kenya through Ad Dynamo – Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

Others include Facebook advertising, Sponsored Tweets – pay celebrities to promote your brand; Local Kenyan publishers will enjoy the fact that Ad Dynamo pays faster than any rival ad network worldwide, and even offers its very own Visa Debit Card as a means of receiving your income.

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