BrandArena: Windows Server 2012 technology to grow small business

Thursday 25 July 2013

Windows Server 2012 technology to grow small business

Leading chips maker, DELL and Microsoft has introduced a new range of packages targeted at small scale business that are time poor and need to keep cost to a minimum with the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012. The latest update to Microsoft’s core server operating system comes with over 300 new features.

DELL is accelerating the benefits of the Windows Server 2012 for small business in line with its philosophy of investing people, process and technology.

“Dell server solutions with Windows Server 2012 offer everything needed to support small business growth including the creation of a strong IT infrastructure, enabling employee collaboration and flexible working as well as a virtualization platform and connectivity to private and public cloud services,” George Akpan, an IT expert.

Speaking further, Akpan explained that, “The Windows Server 2012 also come with other functions like Easy restore which can beused with Windows server backup to restore any device connected to the network, making it ideal for supporting remote employees. It also allows for Easy access to files and applications which allows employees to securely connect to the company network from anywhere that there is an internet connection and creating a virtualized server environment – using Hyper V in Windows Server 2012 enables one physical machine to be turned into several virtual ones. The is so that small businesses can effortlessly advance their virtualization strategy while reaping the benefits of lower operating costs and scalability,” he concluded.

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