BrandArena: Sprinter Obinna Metu, fastest man in Nigeria on CNN’s ‘Human to Hero’

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sprinter Obinna Metu, fastest man in Nigeria on CNN’s ‘Human to Hero’

Human to Hero, is a show that gets to the heart of what it takes to be a sporting star and explores the discipline, dedication and determination involved, as well as the sources of inspiration for the world's best athletes.

The show which airs on Wednesday, 17th July on CNN World Sport at 5pm, will this week feature Obinna Metu, the fastest man in Nigeria.

At 10.11 seconds over 100m, Obinna has been unbeatable at home over four seasons. He's been coached by two sporting greats- record-breaking distance runner Haile Gebrselassie and six-time Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt. Hoping to take on every scrap of their advice and win a medal at the Athletics World Championships he tells ‘Human to Hero’ that money is more important than talent for a young athlete - financial support is crucial to success.

According to Obinna, Haile Gebrselassie has been his mentor, “He made me to understand for you to become a great person in track and field or even in sports in general, you have to have the mind to withstand pressure. If you can't withstand the pressure, I don't think you have the qualities of a champion”, he said.

On his dream of breaking the world record, he said, “nobody knew that a world record could become 9.58. But Usain did it.  Another Usain Bolt might come out, and I pray, let it be me, he concluded.

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