BrandArena: Lambaréné Declaration to Establish Interdisciplinary Training Network for Health Professionals in Africa

Friday, 19 July 2013

Lambaréné Declaration to Establish Interdisciplinary Training Network for Health Professionals in Africa

In the final session of the Albert Schweitzer HospitalCentennial, “The Lambaréné Declaration” was announced, summarizing the agreement of more than 350 international health experts on specific commitments to fight the ‘Triple Epidemic” of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis in Africa – including a pledge to create a new cross-disciplinary training network to arm the next wave of regional health professionals with specialist knowledge and skills.

Speaking at the recent event, H.E. Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic,emphasized the necessity of increasing the use of technology to enhance the efficiency of care and reaffirmed his goal to make Gabon a regional hub dedicated to mother and child healthcare.

The Lambaréné Declaration, in full, commits to: creation of a Lambaréné Declaration management structure under the authority of a multinational and trans-disciplinary expert counsel; creation of three permanent task forces on: trans-disciplinary research; training programs for healthcare and field professionals; and research support in Africa.  These task forces will be managed by the management structure; creation of anew ongoing training network, to benefit healthcare professionals and local populations in order to produce specialists in the Triple Epidemic, based upon cross-disciplinary collaboration and launch of a digital platform to enable communication between all parties and offer visibility to all initiatives conducted.

International Albert SchweitzerAward Announced
In addition to the Declaration, President Bongo also announced the creation of the International Albert Schweitzer Award.  The annual award will grant US$ 250,000 to an individual or a team to support a sustainable cross-disciplinary approach to fight the Triple Epidemic in Africa.

Albert Schweitzer Centennial Commemorates the Founder’s “Reverence for Life” Philosophy
Organizedunder the high patronage of President Bongo and produced by Richard Attias and Associates, the two-day event paidtribute to Noble Peace Prize Laureate Dr.Albert Schweitzer and his “Reverence for Life” philosophy, by convening leading experts to explore new pathways for increased medical innovation and scientific governance in Africa.

The Centennial gathered more than 350 international health experts including Nobel Laureates, medical researchers, scientists, doctors, social sciences experts, private sector stakeholders, and representatives of NGOs andhealth agencies.  In addition to intense dialogue and working sessions to explore new ways to address the Triple Epidemic, the event included a visitto the Albert Schweitzer Hospitalin Lambaréné,which was created by the Nobel Laureateat the startof the 20thCentury and is today one of the leading regional centers for medical research, patient care, disease prevention, child birth and maternity care.

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